June 6, 2009

june 5, 2009

Make The Right Move and join with Us, Bank Eksekutiif, a privately held financial service organization aiming to expand in the retail markets by going nation-wide aggressively :
* Develop/review policies and guidelines on market risk management procedures and control standards.
* Evaluate market risk limits and recommend remedial/corrective actions on market risk management.
* Recommend the use of market risk mitigation instruments/measures to Risk Management Committee and Board Risk Management Committee.
* Provide macro-economic analysis to assist Risk Management Committee and Board Risk Management Committee and the other functions of Risk Management

Division and analyze and report on expected market conditions.
* Support the planning function of Risk Management Division by providing information and views on prospective developments in the economy and the implementations on the company’s business plans and budgetary aspirations.
* Prepare monthly report covering functions and activities of Market Risk section to Risk Management Committee/Board Risk Management Committee.
* Bachelors Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics/Business Administration or Law.
* Min 1 year related experience in Risk Management preferably in merchant bank, financial institution or a public listed company.
* Strong aptitude in research and analytical studies.
* Good communication and presentation skills with high proficiency in verbal and written English & Bahasa Indonesia
* Strong analytical skills, self-starter and able to work independently.
* Solution oriented, flexible, innovative and willing to take on challenges.
To Apply for this opportunity:
Please email your resume to :
Jl.M.H Thamrin Kav.9-Ground Floor
Center Jakarta 10350




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